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What are Federal Programs? 

Federal Programs encompasses federal funding for Title I, Title II, and Title IV.  The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA, 2015) provides language that allows states and local education agencies flexibility in using federal funds to ensure opportunities and success for all students. 


Pennsylvania’s Consolidated State Plan articulates certain priorities that promote student success driven by students’ needs, determined within a local context, that may include: 

  • Provision of equitable opportunity for advanced coursework  
  • Development of model to engage community supports and help meet the non-academic needs of children 
  • Enhancement of school climate to provide a safe and nurturing environment for teaching and learning 
  • Engagement of parents and families to promote academic, social, and emotional success for every child 
  • Promotion of strategies for successful transitions for students from early childhood through post secondary success 
  • Personalized Learning including equitable access for every child to a “well- rounded” education that includes English, reading and language arts, health and physical education, science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM), music and the arts, social studies, civics, and world languages 
  • Professional Development for educators. 



The School-wide Title I programs offered in our schools offer support programs to assist all students in reaching literacy and mathematics academic growth and achievement.  Multi-Tiered System of Supports is implemented in each school to provide a comprehensive structure for school teams to make decisions for student success that is driven by various data sources and points (academic, social, and emotional).  Administrators, teachers, parents, community partners, and other District stakeholders work as a team at each school to review the needs of students and annually update the School-wide Plans to ensure each school is accomplishing its mission of ensuring all students are reaching their full potential to be successful. 
The Title II program supports the professional development of staff
The Title IV program supports the focus of each school in providing well-rounded educational supports, safe and healthy school support, and technology supports to assist the Title I program and academic programs are properly supported in meeting the needs of all students.   

The Title I serves all students school-wide schools K-12 within the Jeannette City School District; as well as supporting students attending the non-public schools for the Diocese of Greensburg.