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Jeannette City School District ARP ESSER Survey

The Jeannette City School District is projected to receive federal funding through September 2024 as part of the American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act and Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. This unprecedented level of federal funding in our schools will help to address the many devastating effects of COVID-19 by allowing us to safely reopen schools for all students and equitably expand opportunities for students who need recovery assistance the most. 

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To provide before and after school enrichment programs.
To provide summer enrichment programs.
To support teacher and staff development to update classroom curriculum and instructional practices.
To provide HVAC/filters and facility updates for cleaner indoor air quality.
To support technology systems, improve infrastructure, and increase connectivity.
To provide applications and software for individual student learning interventions and enrichment.
To build and sustain learning platforms for diverse learning environments (i.e., in-person, remote, blended, etc.) to allow for anytime anywhere learning (i.e., snow days, closures, illness, vacation, etc.).
To expand opportunities for students to engage with workplace, workforce, and business partners (i.e., career mentoring, apprenticeships/internships, job shadowing, career speakers, and other school-business partnerships).
Increase staff supports such as classroom aides.
Supports for social and emotional wellness (school social worker).